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MSFL Won the “Annual Best Financial Leasing Company Award” in 2012 Chinese Financial Institutions Gold Medal List—Golden Dragon Award

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On Dec. 17, 2012, the Award Ceremony of 2012 Chinese Financial Institutions Gold Medal List—Golden Dragon Award co-sponsored by Financial Times and Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was held at Westin Hotel, Beijing. MSFL won the “Annual Best Financial Leasing Company Award”. After winning such an award for the first time in 2011, MSFL is awarded once again. President Zhou Wei attended the Ceremony on behalf of MSFL, and participated in the dialogue themed “Financial Innovation and Serving the Development of Real Economy”.
By relying on the public credibility of the authoritative financial medium as well as the professional wisdom of the national financial institutions, according to the “objective, professional and responsible” concept, and accumulating the authoritative opinions and experts’ wisdom, the annual “Chinese Financial Institution Gold Medal List” has become the most important and respectable national awarding event in the financial sector, presenting the panorama on the yearly development of Chinese financial institutions. The financial enterprises’ flagships and benchmarks selected year by year have inspired the financial competition, improved the financial efficiency and boosted the financial reform.
Finance is the core of modern economy. Since the reform and opening-up, China’s financial system has experienced a series of major and profound changes. Meanwhile, a large number of outstanding financial institutions have been playing key roles in assuring the security and stability of the financial system and serving the real economy. The award won by MSFL implies the full recognition of authoritative institutions on MSFL’s indicators for performance, governance and risk control, etc. as well as the comprehensive evaluation.

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