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Focus on healthcare industry and medical industry chain, with hospitals as the core; provide comprehensive value-added services, including hospital, pharmaceutical factory, equipment manufacturer, and consumable manufacturer, with financial leasing centered overall financial solution, operation management, fiscal management, and capital management.


Medical machinery such as CT, MRI, linear accelerator, CDR and CDFI.

Target customer

Mainly A-level grade 2 public hospitals, and pharmaceutical company and equipment manufacturer and other customers of this industry chain as well.

Business characteristics
Provide A-level grade 2 public/private hospitals with direct leasing and leaseback of equipment.
Provide pharmaceutical factory, equipment manufacturer, consumable manufacturer and other relevant medical companies with direct leasing and leaseback of equipment.
Cooperate with large domestic medical organizations in integrating competitive resources of capital, technology and management, and partake hospital trusteeship, new hospital establishment and cooperation with departments in projects.
  • We will provide equipment direct lease and leaseback services for class A grade three or above public and private hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and consumptive materials makers and other relevant medical enterprises.
  • We have long term stable cooperation with large medical equipment manufacturers, carry out leasing business and purchase leased assets in package way.
Classical cases
  • 22.022016

    Direct leasing of medical equipment

    some people's hospital has accomplished technological renovation and hardware updating through equipment introduction, mainly the introduction of several sets of imaging equipment ...
  • 22.022016


    Our company has launched the cooperation projects with 65 county-level public hospitals and established partnership with over 100 hospitals, which are willing to cooperate with us.
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